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Call Kim on 02476 503188 .  Text or Call 07926 368371

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Covering Coventry, Warwickshire and a wide area of the West Midlands,Birmingham. Leicester. Northants. Staffordshire

Affordable, stress free, safe and reliable KIDS DISCO. Tots to Cool Teens childrens party disco with Lee & Kim. Our parties are full of fun and laughter and include traditional games and FREE prizes and a Bubble Machine for younger parties. Featuring all the latest chart hits and party dance favourites.  Super cool effects, LED lights and lasers.  Ages 2-12 years
We have over 20 years experience entertaining children and we are the perfect choice for birthdays, special events or family parties and can provide one or two hours of holiday atmosphere kids dance party at truly affordable prices. So you can relax and leave it to us to entertain them!

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" Kim really made the party for my daughters 6th birthday! Simply the best and cannot wait to book again next year"

" Lovely party and Spangles entertained everyone and the kids loved the party dances and bubbles.  Highly recommended"

Other Disco's & LIVE Music packages

Spangles Disco is also available for family parties of all kinds and we believe we are different as we can provide a wider range of music than most other discos. This makes us ideal for events where there is a wide range of ages; which is typical at family parties. We play modern music with the older music memories are made of PLUS all the best party dance tracks that your crowd will know and want to dance to. Don't forget we can also keep the kids entertained early on as guests arrive or set aside an hour especially for the young ones. Later on we have the choice of 15,000 tracks from today right back to the Swing and Jive era to keep the older "Kids" entertained.

If required we can provide special theme nights such as the ever popular Swinging Sixties, Seventies or Eighties Nights. LIVE music is also available and we have separate Golden Oldies and Sing-a-long Shows for Over 60's, OAP / care homes and friendship clubs.

Why book a Spangles Disco?

  • 20+ Years experience as successful DJ's & event co-ordinators
  • We will discuss in detail your requirements prior to the event
  • Written confirmations of all bookings & arrangements.
  • Free Kids Dance Party Entertainment. We can entertain the kids while the adults get settled (Kids disco also available seperately).
  • We take care of any announcements and provide background music of your choice to start. Later on we will have the dance floor buzzing with your choice of disco and / or Live Music through the years. (click here)

So whatever the event, whether you are naughty 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80+ we are here for you.

Please Note:

We are specialist in children's and family events. Our service and Disco is tailored specifically for family and more mature crowds. We do not do 18th or 21st parties and don't play Jungle / Rave / Garage. Our music is played at a volume to suit your crowd.


  • Male and female DJ, husband and wife team. Reliable and professional entertainers
  • Kids dance party with prizes for early evening or afternoon (click here)
  • Guaranteed to arrive and set up in plenty of time.
  • Quality PA & digital sound. No illegal downloads.
  • Warm & Friendly, Experienced Service.
  • All musical tastes catered for.
  • Ideal for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Retirements, Re-Unions, Family Parties, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Society Functions, Village Halls, Fetes, Corporate Events.
  • Theme Nights! (click here)

A Wider Music Selection

  • Swinging Sixties,
  • 80's -90's
  • Cheese & Party Dances
  • Disco 70's.
  • Rock & Roll Swing-Jive.
  • Grease, Elvis & Idols.
  • Reggae SKA. Caribbean.
  • Country- Line Dance-Strictly Ballroom
  • Care Home & OAP Golden Oldies & Sing-a-longs (click here)

KIDS DANCE PARTY - We keep them entertained while your guests arrive. Perfect for early evening and afternoon-weddings etc. Click here for more information

We can also be found on
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